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Primary Resources

Dangel, Walter. Personal Interview and correspondence. ca. Sept. 1999.
Mr. Dangel manned searchlight Battery "G" of the 250th Coast Artillery regiment in Sitka. He has lived in Sitka since WW II and is a photographer and historian. I interviewed him at his home and am in contact with him by e-mail.

Davis, Nancy Yaw. From War's Impact on the Home Front. Pages 265-7.
I have only a copy her article taken from the book. I received this while volunteering with the Passport In Time project for Harbor Mountain in August 1998. She was a child growing up in Sitka during the war.

DeArmond, R.N. Personal interview and correspondence. Feb. 2000.
Mr. DeArmond is a renowned and extremely knowledgeable Alaskan historian. I have met with him at his home, and we continue to exchange letters.

Failor, John W. Personal Interviews. 8 May 1999 & 3 Oct. 1999.
I met Mr. Failor when he attended his granddaughter's graduation from Sheldon Jackson College. I formally interviewed him during his visit to Sitka and later met with him in his home in Oregon. He served in Sitka with the 205th Coast Artillery Battery "D."

Parker, Eric. Personal Interview. 5 Feb. 2000.
My best friend's father, Mr. Parker grew up in Sitka.

US Army, Alaska Department. "Supplement to the Harbor Defense Project, Harbor Defenses of Sitka, 1944." Record Group 338, Washington National Records Center, Suitland, MD. (Cited as HDS)

This is a field report to the Alaska Defense command about the status of Army installations at Sitka. It is a thorough and detailed report of every aspect of these defenses. It contains many maps and blueprints. Its pages are not numbered.

US Army, Signal Corps. "Fire Control and Position Finding for Seacoast
Artillery, part 1." Official training film no. 4-91. ca. 1935.
I received this vintage video from Mr. William Lawrence, whom I met via my website entitled Sitka's WWII Page. This video explains in depth the function of base end stations.

Secondary Resources


Alaska Geographic Society. Sitka and its Ocean__ / __Island World Quarterly, vol. 9, no. 2. 1982.

This book summarizes the general history of Sitka from the arrival of the Russians. It has many beautiful photographs.

Berhow, Mark A., editor. American Seacoast Defenses. Bel Air, MD: Coast Defense Study Group Press. 1999.

I met Mr. Berhow at the annual meeting of the Coast Defense Study Group in Oregon in October 1999. His book is a very detailed history of the coast defenses of the US. It is a particularly good reference regarding seacoast armament.

Bonney, C. & A. Bremner. "Althea Buckingham." Sitka at War. Sitka: Seniors and Sitka Sound Youth vol. 2, 1994.

Every year members of the ninth grade class at Sitka High School interview Sitka elders. This volume is composed of their WWII stories. Ms. Buckingham moved to Sitka in 1938.

Garfield, Brian. The Thousand-Mile War: World War II in Alaska and the Aleutians. Fairbanks: University of Alaska Press, 1995.

Mr. Garfield does a fine job of telling the story of WWII in Alaska. Beginning in 1939, its main focus is with the Aleutian conflict. It is very exciting to read.

Lewis, Emanuel R. Seacoast Fortifications of the United States. Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press. 1974.

This book tells the story of the seacoast fortifications of the US from the 1790's until the end of WWII, when they became obsolete. Nearly everything a lay person could want to know about coast defenses is in here. This book was a gift from Mr. Walter Dangel.

Thompson, Erwin N. "Sitka Naval Operating Base and US Army Coastal Defenses, Sitka." National Park Service. National Register of Historic Places Inventory - Nomination Form. 1984.

This is a wonderful summary of all military activities around Sitka during WWII. Its main focus is the naval operating base on Japonski Island. The author's goal is to have Japonski registered as a National Historic Place. It was provided to me by a friend in the National Park Service. The pages are not all numbered.

US Forest Service, Sitka Ranger District. "Harbor Mountain Passport in Time (PIT) Project." Sitka, AK. Aug.-Sept. 1997. (Cited as USFS PIT)

This packet of written documents, maps, and photographs was provided to me by the US Forest Service, when I volunteered on the Harbor Mountain PIT project. It has much general information about Sitka during WWII and particularly is thorough regarding Ft. Ray, the causeway, and the installations on Harbor Mountain.

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