Millerville Officers Housing

In 1939, when the Naval Air Station Sitka was constructed, The Navy sent many men to Sitka. All these men required housing. The Navy built many barracks and support buildings for their men. Millerville was created for the officers who brought their families to Sitka. There were about 70 duplexes in all. After Pearl Harbor, all the families were sent back to the lower 48. Now, there are only 10 remaining houses. They were occupied until the asbestos scare, then they were abandoned. Once a year, the fire department sets the one of the remaining houses on fire and "practices" putting it out. All of these houses have met that fate.

This is Millersville today:

a house in Millersville

The brush is slowly overcoming the buildings.

houses in Millersville

This street runs through the center of Millerville. The house on the left has a garage by it and a concrete bomb shelter in the backyard.

a house in millersville

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