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WWII Causeway Maps

WWII era map of Nevski Island

The first Islands on the Causeway

Lots of trash and a gate remain on this island

WWII map of Virublennoi and Gold Islands

There are three magazines remaining and a large vehicle on Virublennoi Island.

You can see Gold Island in the UPPER LEFT. This island has a wooden building (fuse house) with a large two-level underground bunker located right behind it.

WWII map of Sasedni Island

Sasedni Island had many Barracks and support buildings spread out. There was a movie theater and motor pool. Today there are many foundations. There are also four Anti-Aircraft gun positions, a Meteorological station, and a sea water pumping station remaining.

WWII map of Kirushkin Island

There were many barracks located on this island. Today you can find two firehydrants, many foundations, and The remains of the temporary HECP.

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