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This is your connection to Sitka!

This site is dedicated to you. It is for your eyes only.....unless you find someone who you believe is worthy to view it too.
Your best friend,

You and your Sitka friends:

You at the beach in front of my house You and Jonas You and Jonas doing what you do best Me and you The three stooges Statistics Homework on my computer


A few years back... Jonas and I Conquer the hump Looking at Sitka from the hump last day of school: May 14th, 1999

Isaac: Here are links that I say are worthy of your Viewing- matt

Sitka Scenes
The boat picture you wanted Jonas and the boat taken while we were kayaking Minett Island in the bay infront of my house Minett island again Minett Island Past the islands with the houses on them in my bay looking at the volcano Looking in toward you house from right outside your bay